Discrimination to Dana Johor Investor

Nukilan Khairul Faizi bin Ahmad Kamil | 5/05/2008 06:07:00 PM | 0 Pandangan »

Dana Johor investors discriminated - Malaysiakini
Tan Bak Huak May 5, 08 3:19pm

The Johor government is discriminating against non-Malays in not fully compensating Dana Johor (DJ) unit trust fund investors. Why not be fair to both Amanah Saham Johor (ASJ) and DJ investors? Hundreds of thousands of non-Malay Johoreans who invested in DJ are losing their hard-earned money now. Why can't the Johor government rescue them both, Malay and non- Malay investors alike? Why are they only helping ASJ investors? Where is the fairness?

The Johor government launched Amanah Saham Johore (ASJ) for Johor Malays. Later under pressure, the Johore government was ‘forced’ to be fair to non-Malay Johoreans by launching Dana Johor (DJ) for non-Malays in Johor.

MCA came into the picture asked its party members and non-Malays to invest in DJ by convincing the people that this trust fund was good. Many Johorean Chinese invested, even to the extent of borrowing from the banks.

But ASJ and DJ are not performing. Badly managed. The Johor government then offered to buy back ASJ shares from investors at RM1 per share - the original purchase price. But it is now discriminating against DJ investors who are mostly non-Malays in Johore. The Johor government only intends to buy back DJ shares at RM0.50 per share- half the purchase price of RM1.

Why this discrimination compared to ASJ investors? MCA - who first convinced the Johor Chinese to invest in DJ is quiet over all this. MCA, headed by Ong Ka Ting who is also Johor MCA chief is quiet over this discrimination towards DJ investors.
Can't our Johor government, elected by its people, be fair to all Johoreans regardless of race and religion? ASJ’s and DJ’s investors are all Johoreans so why the discrimination against DJ investors?

Sad to see that after 50 years of independence, we still can not be united as Bangsa Malaysia.

Pakatan Rakyat, please fight for fairness for all Johoreans and help the DJ investors. We want fairness from the Johor government.

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