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Message to PM: Don't neglect poor Indians
Yoges Palaniappan
Sep 12, 07 5:42pm

Some 40 Malaysian Indians gathered outside the Parliament building today wanting to submit a protest note to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
However, the group led by Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) legal adviser P Uthayakumar left the protest note at the building’s gates because their demand to meet Abdullah or any Umno ministers was not met.
The group had come to voice their dissatisfaction over Budget 2008, which they claimed was not favourable for the "70 percent hardcore poor Indians." Reading out the note, Uthayakumar said:
"We applaud the government for allocating a very big amount for the Orang Asli. But at the same time, we would like to point out that nothing has been allocated for hardcore poor Indians." "We are also disappointed that no provisions were made for the minimum wage of RM1,000 per month," he said.
"Furthermore, the five years maternity leave to bring up quality children granted to civil servants was also not extended to the private sector," he said, adding that only the Malays who "dominate" the civil service will benefit from the policy.

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