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A Girl’s Hands Were Being Cut By Robbers

BATU PAHAT, 4 July – A girl’s hands were being cut by robbers. The girl named Tan Ling Min, 14 years old, a student. Her mobile phone was being robbed when she was walking back to her house from school. She was angry at the moment then she pulled the robber who sat on the back seat of the motorcycle.

9 cuts were being made by the robber on the girl’s hands during the process. 4 cuts are deep until bone. Some of the skins of her hands were being cut off. After that, the girl was being sent to the hospital to receive treatments.About 11:00 a.m., Ling Ming was just finishing her training in school and on her way back to home. When she walked passing the flats housing area and just a corner left to her house, her mobile rang.

Just when she was taking out her mobile phone from her bag, 2 robbers suddenly stop their bike in front of her. One of them then robbed her mobile phone then quickly jumped back to the bike.Ling Min was very unbearable to lose her phone.

She pulled the robber sat at the back seat. During the fight, the robber pulled out his parang and continuously cut toward her hands until she gave up. Then, the robbers run away.

At the moment, Ling Min said her hands were numbed and no feeling. What she knew was she had to walk back to her house and asked for help. The distance from the scene to her house was about 4 meters. The way back to her house is full of her blood stains now.

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