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Khairul Faizi : I found this article in my friend's blog, I like to share it with you all.
When I'm driving in the town today, I met a familiar silhouette, it looked like my friend, my senior - T.C. Chai. My comrade who always sacrifice himself to PKR. Since he is living in Seremban so it's impossible to me to meet him in Kluang.
But to frank, I don't think I'll have chance to meet him again so quickly in future, because he was drop off most of his positions and tasks in the party silently. He did so because he felt that our party betrays him, because some people in the party aim at him.

Well, I'm not talking any nonsense. I'm talking a truth even with proves. Our people calling for his help when they need him, but when talking about giving credits, no one will mentions about him. I think this is quite cruel toward someone who works so hard, so serious. Sometimes, I think I can fell his pain, his pain of being hurt by his comrades.

No matter how deep your enemies hurt you, it’s still bearable, but it’s really unbearable when you are not hurt by your enemies but your friend. Well, I know that T.C. Chai actually has the power to do a counterattack, but if he did that, he is just no different with those who hurt him. So, he chooses to leave, chooses to end the bad recycle in the party.

To me, he is a good senior who is willing to share his experience to the youngster like me. I know that this kind of event is very normal in PAS. But in PKR, it’s very rare. Everyone just care about themselves, this is what I felt in PKR.

Actually, the moment T.C. Chai said he is dropping all of his tasks, I also felt like to do so. But thinking back another people’s words: “I choose to stay, just because I don’t want you all to be suffered.” Then, I choose to stay. Thinking of this, I don’t think there will be someone who will appreciate this. May be your leaving is his happiness, since there are no more people who will fight with him to steal his opportunity……

Well, it’s no need to discuss about this anymore since T.C. Chai was leaving us and continue his normal life. I just hope that he is happy and enjoy his current lifestyle. Actually, I know that there are not just T.C. Chai alone choose to leave. Many of our hard workers were leaving the party silently after the congress. I just hope that those who are still stay in the party can understand the people who-left-already affords, understand that co-operative among the comrades are very important, realize that comrades are someone who fight together with you but no who you should aim on.

In the past, there are people who fight for justice, fight for hope, fight for future’s happiness, fight for everyone.

They fight together as a team, even though lives are tough, but happy. Now, there are people who say they are fighting for justice, fighting for everyone too. But these people have forgotten the reason of fighting, they fight among themselves at the moment they fight with their enemies. Their lives are tough and contain lots of fake happiness……

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