Azmin Ali Dibebaskan Dari Hukuman Penjara

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Perjury conviction: Azmin cleared - Malaysiakini
Nov 1, 07 11:56am

The Kuala Lumpur High Court today quashed PKR vice-president Mohd Azmin Ali’s perjury conviction and sentencing, agreeing with the finding of the lower Sessions Court which heard the case in 1999.
Justice Abdul Kadir Musa said he agreed with the decision of Sessions judge Hamdan Endah and set aside Azmin’s conviction and the 18-month jail sentence for giving false evidence while testifying at former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim's corruption trial.
The case was heard twice by the Sessions Court.

The first hearing was before Hamdan who acquitted Azmin without calling for his defence in 1999.
However, the prosecution appealed against the acquittal and on Feb 17, 2000.
The appeal was allowed by High Court judge Abdul Wahab, who ordered the case to be sent back to the Sessions Court for Azmin to enter his defence.
The fresh trial was then heard before Sessions judge Akhtar Tahir who found Azmin guilty of the charge, stating that he was satisfied that there were discrepancies in Azmin’s testimony in Anwar’s trial.
This led to Azmin’s appeal against the conviction and sentence, which was decided by Abdul Kadir today

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